Passionate for writing and disciplined enough for translation. Reading is one of my hobbies, so why not gather everything I like for living?

This how I love what I do!!

When I was 12 years old, I started learning English, even living in Brazil, not knowing exactly what I wanted for life by that time, maybe thinking about becoming a journalist like most of teenage girls that love to write and read.Five years later, I was reading a magazine “Students Almanac” and I found the most brilliant description of Translation and Interpretation as profession. From that moment on,  I fell in love for this career, which I never thought it would be a real one!! I asked myself with an inexperienced 17 year-old mind…”Can we earn money talking to people and explaining them the meaning of something written in another language?” Yes, one of those professions we only recognize its importance when we need it, right?

I spent 4 years of my life getting ready for it, making decisions, experiencing situations, such as conference interpreting, literal translations, subtitling, Spanish classes, phonetics, Shakespeare, Austen, Hemingway, Steinbeck, American/British culture and civilization etc. Anyway, everything about writing, reading, interpreting and translating.

I started my professional career by the end of  the first year in college as a trainee in Telecommunication terminology…I worked on this project for 3 years until I graduated and then I had opportunities to expand my experiences as freelancer to other agencies. Since then I have been working all over the world through the internet, within different time zones, currencies, accents, policies…free like a bird…except the fact that I am contacting the whole world  from my desk.

This is the magic of technology, another passion of mine!!! Now my “physical” world is one step further, I am not just working for different countries, but also, living in a different one. And ironically, I now depend on technology also to communicate with my family and closest friends that are some thousands of miles away from me…in Brazil. I live in Ohio – US, married to an American citizen, which is now my business partner, we put our skills together and we have a translation company inside trade show business…another different idea which people only think about when they really need it.

Challenges of life!! The main ingredient of success in my opinion is to always be opened for an opportunity!! There are always two sides of everything in life, and if your heart is good, the chances of you finding two good sides of everything, every situation, every opportunity are huge… But, in case you find a bad one, you will be always prepared to learn that everything is just the Universe teaching you that where there is a will, there is a way!!!

When you do something you love, even your most challenging situations will work for you!!